Learning Piano Chords For Beginners

Learning Piano Chords For BeginnersThe first thing many piano students are asking for is about learning piano chords for beginners. Everyone knows that if you know how to play the piano chords, you can also play and sing and create music at once!

Ordinary piano sheet music does not often use chords, since you play the notes as the sheet tells you. But otherwise, most songs today you can find with lyrics and with chords, and if you know how to play the different chords, you will also be able to sing and play, or play melody and chords on the piano and create great music!

Piano music writes the chords like this: G, F, Cm7, Dadd6, Amaj7 and so on. Once you know how to find the chord on the piano, the exciting part starts! You can actually sing and play the piano! This is a good way of learning to play the piano for beginners, even if I also always recommend that you should learn to read the piano notes, fingering and all that basic.

I have to admit that I always have loved to play music by using chords, more that playing strictly by piano sheets. I feel more freedom while playing and I can use my own talent to create my own way of playing this great instrument!

The “Instant Piano Chord Chart Finder”

If you want to learn how to play piano chords, you will need a great piano chord chart. You can use a paper chord chart with all written down, which is the old way of learning the chords, or you could get a copy of an amazing software that will help you find the right piano chords in seconds – right on the computer screen!

This Piano Chord Chart will show you how to play the chord and you might even find chords for certain music styles, like “rock chords” “, Gospel Chords etc. And of course, it will work for all keyboards, whether piano, organ, keyboard or synthesizer.

Some cool function is also that you will find the scale of the piano chord which will help you tremendously if you want to improvise and play the piano your own way! It shows you exactly which notes to use! Very cool!

You will get:

*Chord chart with hundreds of piano chords!

*All the scales with one click!

*Chord finder

*Chord locator

*Chord dictionary

(It does not work on Mac, only PC.)


Go to Piano Chart Chord Finder Here


Playing the piano is a great adventure where you will explore new things and new sounds all the time! So go for it – practice chords and play! People all ages have been playing the piano with their own different skills. Some are professionals, other are just playing for themselves, enjoying their time playing music they love!



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