Learn From Piano Lesson Books

Learn From Piano Lesson Books

When you are about to learn how to play the piano, the books you want to use to learn from might be your most important tools. There are many piano lesson books out there, but not all of them are efficient in learning to play the piano in a fast and satisfying way.

Many of the old school books are not very good to use; since the songs are not up to date and the way of learning the skills of playing the piano is boring and not focused on learning playing the piano fast.

Anyone motivated to really learn the skills of playing the piano,  can do it fast with the right teaching! I have had students that have never played the piano before; singing and playing in public after some few months of learning piano!


Online Piano Books For Beginners

I think there is a big secret for learning piano fast; from the beginning be able to play something real that make sense and that will motivate me to go on and learn more. You must have your lust and enthusiasm intact. Unfortunately, many times only playing scales and struggling with hard and complicated notes and chords will create the opposite feeling. That is why the choice of piano lesson books is so important and especially books that will teach you how to play the piano for beginners.

If you have a child that wants to learn piano the choice of piano lesson book can be the difference between the child sticking to play this instrument or quit because it is too boring or too hard.

Learning by doing is a great line, and I would like to add; learning by doing something real and having fun the same time is the best way of learning playing the piano. Too many beginners have started out enthusiastic and motivated only to end up disappointed and with having lost all the joy in playing. Many children have started to play the piano but given up because it was not fun trying to learn all the boring scales and theoretical issues.

Do not get me wrong here; the piano theory is important and so might also scales and other methods of learning to be; but if you lose the joy of actually play and create music during the way of learning, you might kill the wanting to learn even from the most dedicated and skilled student.

Good Beginner Piano Books

Good piano lesson books are those structured in a way that will help you learn playing and easy way. Yes, there are piano lesson books like that! You can learn to play the piano fast and efficient without feeling exhausted by overwhelming theory. But; good piano lesson books or not – let the learning be a passion!

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Best Piano Lesson Books For Beginners

These are the e-books that you get in the Pianoforall program:

byear First Piano Lesson Book: This book teaches you how to play the rhythm style piano straight away!You are going to use piano chords, learning some classic party rhythms and a piano chord ballad. Included in the book is also keyboard diagrams, tricks, and formulas that will help you to make great progress in the style of classic songs.
Book2-blues-rock Second Piano Lesson Book: With the teaching you find in this book will be able to play some great Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll Piano – use what you learn to play hundreds of classic songs.Surprise your friends and family by sounding the great Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis and more. It is not that hard when you have learned how to play that style!
 Book3-chord-magic Third Piano Lesson Book: In this book, you will learn many piano chords that you can use playing many popular  songs. You will learn some great memory trick and learn how to change piano chord at speed.With this lesson, you will learn to master your piano chords in no time!
Book4-advanced-chords Fourth Piano Lesson Book: In this piano lesson book Pianoforall will help you learn some more advanced piano chords, and learn it the easy way!Here you will get more practice by playing popular rhythms and songs. In these lessons, you will get rhythm chart for many Beatles songs!
 Book5-ballad-style-piano Fifth Piano Lesson Book: Here you will learn to play ballads by using the chords you have learned.You will also learn how to create your own music and having so much fun the same time! You will also learn to play some really great songs – and you will not sound like a newbie!
Book6-jazz-piano Sixth Piano Lesson Book: In this book, you will start to imagine yourself as a cool jazz piano player.  Learn some easy techniques to play tradition jazz piano, improvisations, chords and more…. Jazz piano for you!
book7-blues-piano Piano Lesson Book number seven This book will take you further into the blues piano playing. You will learn how to improvise your playing using the techniques you learned in book number two. You will also be taught some real classics!
book8-classical-piano Piano Lesson Book number eight: The Pianoforall program is a unique program. It will teach you how to read piano sheet music as you learn to play by the ear.With the knowledge you get you will be able to play some beautiful classical pieces such as music created by  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johannes Brahms and many more.

Piano Lesson Book number nine: In the last book, you will tackle something that many people dread; playing scales. But they do speed up your learning process and done right they can be really fun!You will get fun an important exercise that you can use to better yourself in any part of the Pianoforall lessons!


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    Thanks for sharing this post. I remember my piano books when I was a small girl…it was so boring so I quit the lessons. Bur no I regret that, maybe i can start learning again, even if i am old now…?

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