Easy Songs To Play On The Piano

Easy Songs To Play On The Piano

Below you will find some tutorials with easy songs to play on the piano.
They are popular songs that will be fun to play and sing as a beginner.

There are many ways to learn to play the piano and follow tutorials like this might be a great way to start. It is important to feel the joy of playing this beautiful instrument and really get that you right from the beginning can play real songs.

To be able to use even your beginner  piano talent is a great motivator to continue learning!

Popular Songs To Play On The Piano

Hello – Adele | Easy Keyboard Tutorial With Notes (Right Hand)

Love Me Like You – Little Mix | Easy Keyboard Tutorial With Notes

Infinity – One Direction | Easy Keyboard Tutorial With Notes Right Hand

Easy Songs To Play on the Piano

Happy Birthday Keyboard/Piano Tutorial EASY

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star – Step by Step Keyboard Tutorial For Beginners

We Wish You A Merry Christmas | Easy Christmas Piano Tutorial (With Notes)


Learned To Play Easy Songs On Piano

When I first started to learn to play the piano I started with some easy songs on my piano at home. I did not matter what kind of songs it was, as long as it was a simple tune and easy to follow.

I played children songs (which is a very good way o starting even if you are an adult…), I played hymns I learned in church, pop songs I heard on radio and so on.

Yes, I went to a teacher in school that was supposed to teach me piano the proper way. I played scales and I tried all the expected classical songs, but even though I loved those pieces and still does, I had a hard time learning them properly.

I had a problem… I think I was a little bit lazy…and it was not easy for me to be able to read the notes and play it at the same time. So…I heard what the teacher said, and more importantly, I watched how she was playing and then I went home and more or less imitated her. It was very easy for me to remember the tune and to play the way she did without paying too much of an attention to the piano sheet.

This was honestly the way I learned how to play the piano. And even if I today is no longer a piano beginner I still use the technique of watching and listening. In that way, I am something of a little thief!

Need some help? Here is a great program that teaches you chords and playing by ear.

Easy way of learning piano

The easiest way of learning piano by listening, is to learn some basic piano chords and then start to sing and play. It takes of course time to practise but if you are anything like me, you will love this way of learning a lot. Even to  practise playing the piano will be fun if you start out from the right angle and not just struggle with endless scales practise! (even if practising scales is a necessary part of learning the piano!)

This way you will be able to create music from the very beginning. You can sing many songs out there using only three chords, and those chords you will learn to play in minutes. You play the chords on the piano and sing the melody and…boom you are making music!

There are so many beautiful and easy songs to play on the piano that you can find both as sheet music where you play all of the songs, or with chords where you can sing and play.

I found a video where a guy is playing 34 songs with just 4 chords…so fun and easy…anyone can do it.

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