How To Play The Piano For Beginners The Fast Way

How to play the piano for beginners

Can You Learn How To Play The Piano?

Learning how to play the piano when you are a beginner can be a little bit tricky. Even though most of us understand that to be able to play the piano can give us so many wonderful moments in life, many people still hesitate to try to learn this instrument because they think it is too hard. They are not sure they can make it. Some have tried to learn piano by themselves but got stocked.

But, of course, you can learn how to play the piano! I believe that anyone who is motivated can learn to play this lovely instrument, even if we need some assistance.

The only thing that can stop you from making is yourself! If you start today, you could start playing easy songs on the piano tomorrow! The piano program I am talking about on this page is perfect if you are a piano beginner or a total piano novice but want to learn!

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What Is PianoForAll?

Pianoforall has been online since 2006 and is today one of the most popular piano courses you can find on the web. This course is in many people’s opinions, the easiest and most effective way to learn piano and keyboard online. Not only will it help you learn to play in a fast way, you will also find it incredible fun since you right from the beginning will be able to play real songs that sound good! Step by step you will expand what you learn and start to play Ballads, Blues, Jazz and all kinds of music.  This course is teaching both how to play by ear and how to read music and play. Yes, you will also be able to play some great classical pieces!

What Methods Are Being Used To Teach Me Piano for Beginners?

The program is based on piano playing techniques and secrets that most of the favorite self-taught Pianists or Keyboard players used when they got started. Since the boring methods we usually think about when it comes to learning to play the piano is removed, you will feel very motivated to continue to learn more and more.

Maybe you belong to them having scary memories of sitting at the piano practicing scales while your friends were outside playing and having fun? I certainly do..… Now you can forget that because with Pianoforall you will learn how to play the piano in a modern, fun way.

Learn how to play the piano for beginners from 200 videos and more

The course covers all kinds of piano styles, such as pop, blues, ballads, classical and more and comes with videos, audio files, and E-books. You will get: 200 video piano lessons, that will help you take every step you need to learn to play and with several E-books (600 pages …!) with 500 audio files embedded so you can actually hear how it is supposed to sound. Absolutely great if you for some reason find it hard to get the written instruction.

You will get the whole piano class in one package, and the program works with all kind of devices; PC & Mac, iPad &iPhone, and also Android tablets and phones. The course can be instantly downloaded or if you prefer the DVD version, it can be delivered to you – wherever in the world you might live!


This is how it looks like:

Learn how to play the piano

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What Do Real People Say About the PianoforAll Program?

This program is well known for their real, verifiable testimonials. We all know that testimonials can be easily faked, but Pianoforall is only publishing emails from real people that have actually tried the program. They all have great things to say about this program.

Listen to this:

I’m amazed! Once you get the rhythms down, you really can sound like a pro! Great fun! Thanks for making this available at such a reasonable price. Anyone who doesn’t grab this up is going to go the long way home!

T. Dwight Kidd, Alabama, USA

Dear Robin, I just wanted to Thank You for the incredible program that you have put together. I must say that you over delivered on this one. I couldn’t believe it, and neither could my wife! Within an hour, I was making music. My whole family can’t believe I really learned all I have in less than 3 days! I will tell everyone I know, who’s ever thought about playing piano or keys that this is the real deal and I hope if you use this testimonial that all who read it will believe me.

Pastor JD Loveland, Santee, CA, USA

Since I was little I have always wanted to play. I’m now 38 years old, have never played, and with your program I was able to go through the books and videos step by step and now I’m purchasing piano books to play songs to enjoy. I have to say that my husband was very skeptical, but you have made him a true believer in your teaching program!

Sonny Williams, California, USA

It is simple, straightforward yet very effective. It makes the complex understandable and for those of us who don’t want to master music theory, it gets us playing quite well in a short time. I can’t say enough good about your program. Thanks again and keep up the good work!
Ed Doran, Muskogee, OK


Read more testimonials here:

What Else Should You Know About Pianoforall

The best thing about this piano learning program I think is the fact that you will learn to play by ear, which is my favorite way of playing and to read music at the same time. That in combination with their many tips and tricks that will help you get to start playing the piano and make it sound good from the beginning is their winning concept. It is all there for you if you like so many others, want to learn how to play the piano for beginners.

You can get the program by instant downloading or as CD-ROM that will be shipped and delivered anywhere in the world.


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How to play the piano for beginners

More about how to play the piano here




Piano Lesson Books
Everyone can learn how to play the piano! Maybe not all will become a new Mozart..:), but we can all learn to play songs and enjoy ourselves and others. Music is a great gift and we should use it as much as we can! If we learn how to play the piano, and if we start small and are faithful with that, we will also learn more piano techniques further on. . Have fun playing the piano! Do not give up on your dream playing the piano.


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Enjoy Your Moment

"When you play, never mind who listens to you." -Robert Schumann:

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Too many times we think about our performance and what other people will think about us playing…..Much better to just enjoy the moment and be thankful for the gift to create some beautiful music with the piano, no matter the level we are are at playing or if we made it perfect or not.


My Heart Will Go On – Titanic – Lovely Piano Music

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Learn How to Play Piano – 9 Reasons for Starting

learn how to play pianoTo learn how to play piano might be the best thing you have ever done in your life! It does not matter if you belong to those who have always been longing to try but never really started, or if you just recently just felt like you would like to learn this instrument. My advice to you is -Just do it! You have nothing to lose – but a lot to gain, playing the piano!

If you hesitate…here comes 9 reasons why you should start to play the piano!

1: Learning how to play the piano is giving you joy for a lifetime.

So many things in life are just for a short period of time, lasting for some years, but when you get older you can’t do it. But if you know how to play the piano, you can do it no matter age!

2: It is easy to learn how to play piano!

What I mean by this is that there are many ways of learning today. You can take private lessons with a teacher, but maybe even more convenient – you can take advantage of lot’s of YouTube videos or join online teaching programs that will help you in a great way!

3: Playing the piano is for sharing

As soon as you can play your first song, and that will take just a little time if you learn the fast way, you can share it with your family and friends and you can experience the joy of music together. Not many things are perfect for sharing with small children as well as elderly people, but playing the piano is! And you might inspire them to start learning as well!

4: It is not expensive!

To buy a piano training book does not cost that much, and even the online piano programs out there is very affordable. With the Pianoforall program, you will get both audio files so you can listen to sounds but also video instructions that will tell you exactly how to play. It also includes several piano books for quick learning. And all to the cost of less than what it cost to take your family to a restaurant for one night!

5: Piano is a stand-alone instrument!

When you play the piano you do not need some extra help with the accompaniment like you would if you play other instruments like violin, saxophone etc. With the piano, you can both play the melody line and accompany which means you can always play solo and it will sound great!

6. Piano is “easy” to start with

Well, of course, it can be hard to learn how to play piano, especially if you want to become really good at it, but in one way it is very easy. Think about it, sit at the piano and put your finger on the keyboard and listen…..It sounds good from the beginning, right? The piano has ready-made pitches which mean that you depress a key and it makes a sound. Compare that with trying to get a nice tone from the violin, or try to learn nice sounds on the guitar – it will take a long time to practice before you even get a nice sound!

But with the piano you can always learn your first song playing with just one finger and it sounds nice from the start! That is amazing!

7: You will always learn new piano pieces!

There are always new songs, musical pieces that you can learn and play. And there will be a lot of different styles for you to try out playing the piano. You can play classical music, rock music, romantic songs, blues and many, many other styles. And you can easily get yourself a new piano sheet or get inspired to play the latest hit music…. There is no end of possibilities for the one who have decided to learn to play the piano!

8: You can give your music to other people

We all know how music is an important part of our well-being. It is a vital part of our lives and need for us to feel good. When you play the piano you can always touch people on an emotional level, and give them the deepest satisfaction!

I have been playing the piano for many yes now, and as soon as I perform somewhere, people are always thankful and appreciative. I can feel that I have given them something important, a feeling that only music can give.

9: Music binds people together.

If you play the piano you can play a simple song and your friends and family can sing with you. This is a classic way of entertaining families and binds you all together. We all want to create memories and this is a great way and has been for many generations.

These are a few reasons why you should learn how to play piano. So do not wait any longer, just start the journey now and take the learning in your own time. The most important thing when to learn to play the piano is to remember to have fun! Every day when you sit at the piano you can just enjoy the moment and realize that you actually are a musician!

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